Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Thousander Club, re-re-visited

So, I've had some previous attempts with The Thousander Club, which didn't go quite as hoped for at all. First year, I kinda reached a point where I stopped blogging altogether, and of course The Thousander Club stopped consequently. Then the second year, I made a set of different goals and the result wasn't exactly what I hoped for either.

Well, I wasn't completely sure whether I would set any goals for this year, but after reading Gianfranco's post about joining The Thousander Club in 2009, I guess just because I didn't reach what I wanted to doesn't mean I shouldn't keep trying. And, as Scott puts it (in the comments): "We’re going to make it this year, I tell ya!". I do feel the same way, I feel that for me, 3rd time will be the charm.

As for this year's Thousander Club, my goals are:
  • 1000 Game Development Hours recorded
  • 12 Novels read
  • 12 "Technical" books read
  • 12 Video Games played
I will start counting the hours I work on my new game idea and game development in general, and I will always have a monthly selection in each of the other categories, pledging never to let a month pass without making progress in each of them.

My weeks will be from Sunday to next Saturday, and I will post weekly updates on Sunday of each week.

Until next update...

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